Jeff Nelson found his way to the mat only 8 years ago during a search for healing and serenity on a path of recovery from addiction. He has a deep sense of gratitude to the talented instructors who accepted me right where I was, and yet always made a deeper experience tangible and approachable. Inspiration and a gentle nudge sent me to complete 200 hours of training in Shambhava Hatha Yoga at Shoshoni in Rollinsville, Colorado. His developing style comes through my training, personal practice and the undeniable imprint of some very influential instructors and teachers. This training and influence is at the heart of my yoga and meditation practice.

Mindbraking is a business. It is also an idea. A practice. A discipline. Mindbraking becomes unique to anyone pursuing it. For Jeff the foundation is Shambhava Hatha Yoga.

Dori Nelson is an instructor that brings influences from many directions. She is a teacher in the public school system with over 20 years experience. A wife, mother and friend to many. She became very connected to 4th Avenue Yoga where she later became a certified Yoga instructor. It is there that she found a home to deepen her Yoga practice. It is with a sense of gratitude and delight that she has an opportunity to share her Yoga practice with others. She comes to Yoga through a series of fits and starts. She eventually came back to practicing on a consistent basis after a particularly tough time in her life. Yoga provided the calming and centering that she was missing. And after years of trying many different physical activities to stay fit, it became apparent that Yoga did that for me.

Dori’s practice is based on traditional Hatha Yoga with influences from many styles. She enjoys working with Yoga practitioners who are at all different stages of their Yoga practice. Her philosophy is that we are all on different places in the journey that is Yoga.